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Your Opinion Please/ Fact Or Fiction?

The Claim or Assertion/ What Do You Think?

This blog site questionnaire will be devoted to some incredible health and wellness claims and assertions that I have come across in my research on a variety of Diet and Health topics…

Some of these claims are backed by actual credible research and science, and some perhaps not.

In this health questionnaire I will post various health and medical claims made by some knowledgeable people in Healthcare, and you are welcome to give your opinion.

Whether it is an expert opinion or not, I would like to hear from you.

Based on what you read, you can express your opinion, whether you think the claim or assertion in this post is a fact or just fiction.

Some of the health and medical claims that I post will seem outrageous or far-fetched, but I will only post claims by individuals who show that they have a health or medical background or degree.

I will not reveal the source of the claim, unless I have permission to do so.

I will not endorse, support or doubt and dispute any claim that I post in this quiz without enough evidence or personal experience to do so.

That means, if I’m not absolutely sure that a claim has enough proof or evidence to consider it to be a fact, or lacks enough evidence to prove it is false, then I will not post a comment about that claim.

You decide for yourself based on your own knowledge and experience, whether the claim or statement in this post is true or not.

If the claim is not backed by any scientific evidence or credible proof, than the claim or assertion should be viewed as just an opinion.

*Most health and medical claims from credible sources, usually come with a disclaimer

The purpose of this questionnaire is not to spread any false medical claims or assertions… But it is to get your opinion on important health issues, and try to find and reveal the truth.

I will try to post one health claim a month on my website for anyone to comment on…

However please keep your comments respectful, and free from any vulgar, abusive, bias, racist or any otherwise unacceptable speech or language.

If this rule is not followed, or is repeatedly disregarded.

Then all comments on this topic from the general public will be cut off…

Then respectful comments will be allowed and viewed only by subscribers and members of The Healthful Blogger community.

If the general public is banned from commenting and reading comments, then you will have to be a logged in member to view, and comment on this content.

Please use the comment box on this page to ask questions and give your opinion.

If you do not see the comment box, or if it is not available, then send a message to

The health claim for this month:

July, 2021
Here is the claim:

In 1918, this “ancient medicine” was in every household in America.

There was nothing else like it on Earth. Just one drop of this medicine is said to kill more cancer cells than a dose of radiation. According to a study conducted by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Fighting cancer cells by way of whats called the four A’s or the four ways that doctors recommend that you fight cancer.

Here are the four ways or treatments-

Number 1 is called Apoptosis

Number 2 is Anti Angiogenic

Number 3 is Anti Metastatic

Number 4 is Anti Proliferative

All of these cancer fighting treatments are said to be in a certain plant extract.
That is all the information about this cancer treatment that I will reveal at this time because

I do not have enough evidence to either endorsed or deny this claim. however I believe I have provided enough information to research this claim on your own, and come to your own conclusion.

If you are not sure of the answer to this claim, than you can research any Dana Farber studies conducted around this cancer topic.

You can also look up that 1918 date mentioned at the beginning of this medical claim and see what stands out as the most likely widely accepted miracle cure for cancer back then…

Or research some common plant extracts associated with cancer treatments, that are promoted and used to this day.

If you have any firsthand knowledge or experience on this subject, then that would be even better.

In your opinion do you think this claim is, a fact or just fiction, and why ? Lets have this discussion, hopefully without bias.

If you are trained and licensed in the Health and medical field, your informed and expert comments are welcomed.

You didn’t train in your field of expertise just to sit on the sidelines and observe did you?

Your trained expert opinion if correct. will go a long way in helping the general public understand some very complex health and medical issues.

To make a comment click on the comment bubble or just enter your comment in the comment box below.

This months Unusual health claim will remain posted here. Then next months health claim will be posted next month on a different page.

You will find next month and all other YOPFOF posts on a separate page for each month listed under the YOPFOF navigation link at the top of the page.

Send your questions or concerns to contact@thehealthfulblogger .com

Thanks for your participation. All the best to you in health and in life.

Anthony, the Healthful Blogger

All future YOPFOF (Your Opinion Please/Fact Or Fiction) posts might eventually only be available to view and comment on, at the website and no where else.

But for now you can view and comment on this post where ever you see it posted.

*When the health claim is posted, then you should see the comment box.

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