Welcome to the Gold membership sign up page,

You can sign up and register here for your gold membership by clicking on the link below,

The cost of your Gold membership will only be $10 a month billable only through a PayPal account at this time. This is Important , you will need to either have or open a PayPal account.. not just to make your monthly payments but also to receive any gold member cash awards or discount rebates.

-To Set Up Your PayPal Account-

Go to the PayPal website at : paypal.com and follow the instructions for opening an account.

Once you have set up your paypal account then you are ready to click on the Gold membership link and join as a Gold member.

Your $10 a month Gold membership is a value that you will benefit from for your entire membership for life as long as you don’t cancel it. This means that no matter when our membership fee goes up your $10 a month fee will remain the same.

This is important because our monthly membership fee will go up when this offer expires.

Your Gold membership has the same benefits as the free membership along with the added benefits of :

*Monthly Cash Awards

  • Deep Discounts on all Vitamins and Health products purchased from the online store
  • Double or Triple your chances to win a cash award each month (see details at bottom)
  • Access to the latest Health eBooks, Programs and software at a low or reduced price





*The monthly cash awards will be given out to the winner each month

Quiz or Puzzle .

The monthly Quiz or Puzzle will be posted here each month on this website, also a date and time will be posted here for the answer to that Quiz or puzzle to be submitted

The first Gold member to submit the correct answer to that Quiz or puzzle wins the cash award for that month.


You cannot submit your answer before the date and time indicated or it will not count

For example if the submission date is March 10th at 5pm , Any answer that arrives before March 10th at 5:pm will not count.

-That Means-

The contest will begin after 5pm on March 10th.. This means if your answer sent in by email arrives and is received at 5:01pm on March 10th and you are the first one, then you will be the winner (All winners will be determined by the time stamped on their email )

**This is just an example , there is no scheduled contest at that date and time

*You have to send your contest answer to : contest@thehealthfulblogger.com Any contest answers sent to any other email address will not count

The Puzzle or Quiz will be posted here on this website at anytime 3 days before the answers have to be sent in so keep watching so you don’t miss it.

If two members send in their answer at the exact same time then the one that was received 1st will be the winner.

You will receive your cash award in your paypal account as soon as you are confirmed as the winner .There is no limit to how many times you can win as long as you play fairly and follow the rules.. You must also agree to have your name posted as the winner for our members .

The amount you can win each month could go up depending on the participation and success of this contest

*You can double or triple your chances of winning each month here’s how :

Every member that you refer with your assigned Gold membership number who joins as a Gold member and wins the cash award for the month then you will win the same amount.

*Here is an example… If you send Mary and John to our website and give them your Gold member referral number and they join the Gold membership program and either one wins the cash award for that month then you will win the same amount as long as they submit your Gold member number when they win… and your number then will be permanently attached to that member so they don’t have to submit it every time they participate.

So if you refer 2 Gold members and they participate in the contest then you increase your chances of winning 2 times tripling your chances of winning (You and 2 others playing makes it 3 times more likely you will win)

There will be no limits to the amount of people you can refer to the Gold membership

Any person who is referred by a Gold member must have the Gold membership number of the member that referred them.. To get your share of the award from your winning referral member make sure your referral’s have your number.. If you have not received your Gold member number when you join then send us an email and request it.

You can join the Gold membership by clicking on the button below






*PAY WITH PayPal here

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