YOPFOF post for August 2021

YOPFOF ( Your Opinion Please/Fact Or Fiction ) post August 2021



The Hard To Believe Claim:

Memory loss, brain fog caused by chemicals in 3 common foods can be reversed

The doctor who makes this claim in his report identifies the 3 common foods which can cause memory loss and brain fog, which I won’t mention here.

The reason I won’t mention these 3 common foods here is because, I would like to get your honest opinion, as to whether you think this claim is true.

I will say this… One of these common foods mentioned in this report, I am absolutely sure that most people have already heard of this food as being a health problem.

Are there really 3 common foods that can cause memory loss?

Hopefully your opinion will be based on your expertise or personal experience and not based on bias.

In other words I don’t want to influence your opinion, or comment by mentioning the name of these 3 common foods.

Instead maybe you can give me your opinion, based on what foods that you have heard about or experienced yourself that could cause this memory loss condition.

If I get enough comments on this memory loss subject then I will post the 3 common foods listed in this doctors report, and you can see if your foods match the foods in this report.

If I don’t see enough comments then, I will assume that there just is not enough interest or concern by those healthcare pros or the people in general on this subject, and I won’t post the doctors 3 foods.

Remember interest sparks conversation and conversation fuels change or improvement.

The lack of interest and participation by those who are in a position to help the general public understand these complex issues, will not stop the need for conversation and honest dialog on these important health topics.

You did not train in your field of expertise to simply sit on the sideline and observe did you?

So why not participate and share your knowledge?

With that being said, I will continue with some more claims about these 3 common foods and our memory in this report.

In this report the doctor mentions a very unusual and shocking breakthrough in brain science that is changing everything that we now know about the brain and it’s function.

The doctor also mentions how memory loss, and lapses with these breakthroughs in science can help memory loss become a thing of the past’ based on clinical studies by some of the worlds top experts.

Now because I don’t have enough evidence or personal experience to either dispute or support this claim…

I won’t go into anymore details about this remarkable claim.

As always, I will try to provide enough information in these YOPFOF posts for you to do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

Whats important here, is not just what any one person thinks, but what is more important is what those in the Medical, Diet and Health community collectively think.

As always, all the best to you in health and in life

Anthony, The Healthful Blogger

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