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*This Contest Ends When A Winner is Picked, Or On January 10th If No One Wins Before The January 10th Deadline.

-Learn About Your Diet & Health and Earn While You Learn-

**The Healthful Blogger Diet and Health Quiz is back with new prizes see details below**

The Prize->  $200

The Quiz Question->  Which HB article can you find a car mentioned with 100,000 miles?

**The prizes you could win will vary from month to month and could include anything from:

Gift cards to Flat screen TVs to any item on the HB website, like Software and EBooks.  This also includes your choice of…

Any HB Store item, Vitamin, Supplement, and any Weight loss Product or Program that is available on this website



HB Gold members only

You must be a Gold member with 5 or more points to participate

To win you must be the first HB gold member with 5 or more points who sends in the correct answer to the question by the deadline date.

You must include your Gold Member ID number with your answer or your answer will not be accepted.

All answers must be sent to:

Right now the gold membership is closed to new members but you can join as a free member and request to be put on the gold member list and when new members are accepted again you will be contacted with a message sent to the email address that you have provided.

-Here’s  How You Accumulate Points-

1) Each person you send to the HB website that joins as a HB gold member with your gold member ID number as a referral = 1 point. You must tell anyone joining the gold membership  as your referral to put your ID number in the  subscription box next to their Name or where it says Last Name when they fill out the form or you won’t get credit/ 5 referrals = 5points

2) Any purchase from the HB website up to $20 will get you 5 points and any purchase over $20 will get you more points. How many more points depends on the amount of the purchase.

Any purchase up to $20 = 5 points. That means if you purchase something from the HB website for $100 then you earn 25 points because  5 x 5 = 25 or Five twenties times Five points = 25 points. If you only spend $90 then it’s rounded up to $100 and you still get the 25 points. If its below $90 then it will only count for 20 points.

You can also use your accumulated points to spend on any website store item – Every 5 points = $1 you can spend on any HB store purchase. Example:  25 points = $5 you can spend in the store.

You can also use your points to pay your monthly membership dues

-Multiply  your chances of winning-

If any person you refer wins  then you win. If someone you refer wins $200 then you win $200 with no limit. If 5 or more people you refer win then you win the same thing. You win the same Prize that any of your referrals win no matter how often or when they win. As long as they are Gold members and include your gold member ID in their email. If you have 20 Gold member referrals then you have 20 chances of winning.


You can only use the points once. But they will carry over for the next month up to 6 months and then, if they are not used they will expire.

Example: If you have 60 points and you use 10 then you will have 50  points left to use for 6 months. If you add more points after that then they will expire 6 months after the date you added them if you don’t use them. Every point you earn has a 6 month expiration date



Update: There are no winners so far, and the contest ends January 10th. If there is no winner by then. All submissions after that date will not count.

After January  10th. If no one has won then the contest will be re-activated for the next month, so keep an eye out for the re-activation notice and save your answers until then.

If someone wins then a new quiz with a different question and prize will begin the next month/ The new prize could be $500  make sure you check your emails for updates

If a winner is chosen before the deadline then, there will be a new quiz question when the contest is re-activated.

Send your questions to:

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