Odd or unusual healthy snack tips and recipes

Your odd or unusual healthy snack tip and recipe goldmine

I will be adding a new feature to the HB website which will include some unusual or odd snack tips and recipes that I either come across in my research or that I come up with myself.

Most of the snack tips that I post will be Healthy, nutritious, easy to prepare and the recipes that I post will be the same.

This Snack and Recipe segment will be posted with something new, once a month on thehealtfulblogger.com website, as long as there is a new tip or recipe to post for that month.

Otherwise the old tip or recipe will remain in place until a new one replaces it.

The snack tips will be posted to give readers some quick easy ways to prepare a healthy snack for in between meals or for a quick energy boost

You will be able to leave your comments, recommendations, questions, or suggestions in the comment box on the page.

To begin this segment I have 2 snack tips… One that I have tried and one that I plan on trying…

But I will only post the one snack tip that I have already tried, and I will leave the one snack that I have not tried yet for next month.

Here is this months quick and easy healthy snack tip

(Make sure you are aware of any food allergies you might have and avoid any tips or recipes with those foods)

Peanut butter, Almond butter or any other natural multi-nut paste.
Which could include sunflower seed paste or butter.

Natural honey, cinnamon, ginger Natural applebutter, nutmeg, bananas, or any fruit of your choice.

Mix any combination of these ingredients listed in a bowl or cup, stir until blended together into a thick paste.

You can add or subtract any ingredient you want to suit your taste.

*For any natural peanut butter that has a lot of peanut oil in it.
Stir the separated oil with the peanut butter until it is well blended and then refrigerate until the peanut butter becomes more solid before you use it for this snack.

Put your blended mix in a half slice of whole wheat or whole grain pita pocket bread and enjoy.

Odd or unusual healthy snack tips & recipes by the Healthful Blogger

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