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  • You will receive a 10% discount on all vitamins purchased from the online store as long as you have a PayPal account to receive your 10% refund (*This is how all discounts will be paid) To find out how to open a PayPal account go to the Gold Members section and follow the instructions for opening a PayPal account
  • Before you get your PayPal account set up you can have your 10% discount applied toward a Gold membership…Here’s how that works => If you make any purchase from this site then 10% of that purchase will count towards a Gold membership payment
  • For example if you purchase $50 worth of items for the month than 10% or $5 will go toward a Gold membership account for the next month or… 10% of a $100 purchase would be $10 and that would cover an entire Gold month payment.
  • This is important because any purchase from this site applies… That includes any program from this site that you join… So for instance lets say you join a weight loss program that has a reoccurring monthly charge of $50 each month and you join another program for another $50 then those total combined payments equal $100 and you can apply that 10% discount to a regular monthly Gold membership payment each month.
  • Or use your monthly payment into any program on this site in combination with any store purchase for example take a $50 dollar monthly program payment and combine it with $50 of store purchases for the month to pay for Gold membership for the next month and have a chance to win the quiz cash award for that month !
  • You can also just decide to save your 10% discount and use it when you can open your PayPal account *You have to have a PayPal account to get any discount cash refunded back… Your 10% discount will be added to your PayPal account
  • You will not lose any of your discount… It will accumulate until you can take it out
  • *VERY IMPORTANT please read… You can not get your 10% discount if you don’t report your purchase (This will be your responsibility ) You will have to send an email to: with your purchase information… This would be the program or product you purchased along with a receipt, and as soon as the information is verified then you will get your discount. You can send that information to HB membership whenever you want but you can not get your discount until we receive it.
  • You have to report your purchase by sending an email to:

*You can remain a free member as long as you like or upgrade to Gold at any time

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