Here is a quote from a Cardiologist Kameswari Maganti about the keto diet…

“The ketogenic diet can be effective for weight loss when used in a short time period followed by the adoption of healthier eating habits,” says Cardiologist Kameswari Maganti, MD, Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute. “Unfortunately, it lends itself to yo-yo dieting, which increases mortality.”

On a much lighter note…

Some of us enjoy our meals so much that we tend to make a little noise while we are eating.

Sometimes it’s because we are in such a hurry to get our food from point A to point B, basically from our plates to our belly ASAP that we have to remember to pause from time to time just to let air pass through so that we can breathe.

So how do you know when you are making too much noise when you are eating? (Here is a little hint)

You are probably making a little too much noise when you are eating if…

Someone in another room tells you to turn off the vacuum cleaner because they can’t hear the TV and the loud noise is interfering with the reception… then maybe you need to chew a little more quietly…

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But also read about why you should avoid embarrassing your pets, by not eating like an animal ( A little more humor mixed in).

I’m so totally embarrassed and disgusted right now, I’m done barking at you !

Save your pet from the embarrassment:)… Enjoy!


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