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At some point  the exclusive HB gold membership program will be open again to new members and will reach a set limit. Once we reach that set limit then the Gold membership program will become unavailble to new members as we grow and continue to add more exciting new benefits.


The reason for restricting this program to only a limited number of people is to provide the best service and devote the proper attention to all of our gold members.


Once the limit is reached and the door is shut, Then you will not be able to join this exclusive membership unless your name is on a waiting list and you are next in line to replace someone who has left the program for whatever reason.


As we continue to grow and add more benefits, the monthly membership fee could go up. Right now it is only $10 a month.

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What that means is that you will recieve all the Gold membership benefits that we currently have right now and also any additional benefits that we add later, for the life of your membership, for as long as you remain a gold member, all the Gold member benefits will be free for life. You will never have to worry about any monthy fees or fee increases ever.


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What that means is that no matter what increases there may be later on, you will never pay more then the $10 for life, for as long as you remain a Gold member. You will still recieve all the Gold member benefits that we currently have and any additional benefits that we add later.


I urge you to get in the door now while this opportunity is available because it will not be repeated. Once all the spots are filled this offer will be closed.


If you lose out now you will never see this offer again. Your only chance after that to be a Gold member is to request to be put on a Gold membership waiting list, to join if someone drops out, at whatever monthly fee is due at that time.


At some point as the membership grows all cash awards prizes, gifts and giveaways will increase on top of the generous member discounts.

Once you fill out the Subscription form at the top of this message, and sign up for free. You will be in line for this Gold Membership Offer. Then you will be notified at the email address that you provide if you are one of the fortunate few who have been awarded with one of these special Gold membership lifetime spots.


It might take a little while before we contact you, so be patient and make sure that you put any emails coming from The HB membership on your contact list so that your emails from us don't get sent to the spam box.


If you don't here from us about your Gold member status after a month contact us at:


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